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Stanton St Quintin Village Hall

There will be a Pub & Skittles Night at 7:00pm on Saturday 22nd June.

£5 entry to include Cheese,  Bread & Hummus.

Grat raffle Prizes in Support of our Parish Hall.

SSQ Parish Hall Report for the Parish Council. Enjoy local beers & wine & soft drinks + Superb Company.

                                               SSQ Parish Hall Committee Report


                                              13th March 2018 Parish Council Meeting


Our SSQ Hall Committee is diligently setting about putting management Policies in place, which includes learning about Data Protection – a government requirement. The hall renovations are virtually complete, with the acoustics much improved with the finishing touch of a hearing loop to be put in place shortly, thanks to the generous grant funding from the Malmesbury Carnival Committee.   A hedge around the car park has been given as well as planted which is in keeping with the hall’s attractive rural setting, for which very grateful thanks to the donor.

Meanwhile the 200 Club continues the monthly prize draw for £200, the Christmas draw having a £1000 prize.

There are new activities at the hall; a monthly auction taking place, children’s parties being booked as well as the regular hiring by Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, dog walking classes, Pilates classes and ballroom dancing. The Social Committee uses the hall for fundraising and the PCC holds a variety of events throughout the year.

There will be the Committee Spring Fundraiser in April, and evening of anecdotes by ex National Hunt jockeys Graham Thorner and Richard Pitman – all information about booking tickets on the SSQ Parish Hall website. Should be an great evening.

Cara Voelcker

On behalf of the SSQ Parish Hall Committee

SSQ Parish Hall Committee Report for the Parish Council, 28th November 2017


Our committee now meets monthly for our 200 Club Draw – there is a monthly prize of £200 and the Christmas Draw on 16th December is a £1000 prize. It will be a jolly evening with Nick Greene and End of the Track entertaining those who join in for Mulled Wine, mince pies, non alcoholic drinks and a bran tub for children. Non-members welcome, £5 entry with a free drink.

Our smart website has received 700 hits so far and shortly there will be a new Facebook page.  We are grateful to the Malmesbury Carnival Committee for allowing us a £2000 grant towards the work being done to deal with the acoustics, please note the smart new ceiling panels which already have made a difference.

Report for Stanton St Quintin Parish Council Meeting



The SSQ Parish Hall refurbishment project is nearing completion after a very busy autumn and many thanks to Peter Boggis for all his hard work as Project Manager.  The new look hall was christened with a local special birthday party which went so well and the hall looked terrific.


  Meanwhile new hirers took on bookings in November.  Thus there are now two daytime Pilates classes and another possibly starting weekly in the early evening.  The village guitar club continues to book the hall fortnightly and there will also be a Guitar recital later in the year.  Beavers have been joined by Cubs using the hall and  have also booked the hall for First Aid lessons.  We are very glad to Welcome the Parish Council who have once again returned to use the hall for their bi-monthly council meetings.  Today, Ros Whiting, the hall Bookings Secretary had an enquiry via Hallshire about a possible birthday party in March and already has a booking for a children’s party in April.


The committee have some very nice looking card tables and thus hope to attract hirers to make good use of these. 


You may have seen the publicity by the Landfill Trust whose generous donation started the refurbishment project followed by a grant from the Area Board. Other grant funding is being sought. We would like to thank the Parish Council for all its support and also those from our village who sent Gift Aid donations

Breaking News

Our latest news is that our refurbishment project has been granted £3606 further funding by the Chippenham Area Board to put up Fencing and Gates to protect the hall from illegal parking on the premises.  We are exceedingly grateful to Howard Greenman for championing our cause.  Finally, our village Social Committee had also offered to add our project to their fundraising list of charities for this year, a big ‘thank you’ for all their efforts.

News on the Church/Village Hall.


For the past few years, your Parish Council and representatives of St Giles church have been working together to find a solution for the Church Hall.


As you may know, your Parish Council obtained a report on the condition of the Stanton St Quintin Church Hall written for them by Ian Rea of A1 Planning Services, Hullavington.  The report concluded, that with some refurbishment we could turn this back into a viable village hall which is part of our history – having been built by the villagers in 1938 on land given to the Church by farmer Worthy Tanner.   Whilst at one moment, the Parish Council (PC) were considering buying land and building a new hall, this quickly became impossible due to the recession and we felt it to be wrong to encumber future generations with repaying the loans, even if they could be obtained.  The Precept was put up to raise money for a village hall and there is £40,000 in the bank for this purpose.


The Parochial Church Council (PCC), who is the legal owners of the Hall, consulted the Diocese of Bristol and the Charity Commissioners. This was quite a drawn out process, but they have at last been given permission to consult their own Estate Agent to suggest a viable rent, given the state of the building and the refurbishment costs.  The Parish Council set up a small subcommittee, joined by our vicar, Rev. Christopher Bryan, who have been instrumental in gathering all the information to put to you.  This committee considered that the negotiated rental per annum, £500 was a fair rent for both parties, and this is likely to be approved both by the Diocese and the Charity Commissioners.


We have already received names from some villagers willing to sit on a Hall Management committee and, should the consensus be to go ahead with the project, we hope that there will be many more willing to join them.  The Stanton Hall (this would be the trading name) would be run quite separately from the PC and the PCC with the Management Committee being responsible for the lease.  The lease would run for at least 35 years with the church having a small number of set times for its own use, free of charge.  The Parish Council would donate suitable amounts of money from the ring fenced £40,000 for the refurbishment.  We hope that there will be volunteers from the village community willing to get together to do some of the work.


The PCC and PC have considered all the different possible ways of providing a future for the Hall. Charity Law constrains us in terms of what can be done, and this proposed solution is the only viable way of keeping the hall open. If this agreement does not proceed, or a Management Committee is not formed, then the PCC will be forced, under Charity Law, to sell the Hall to the highest bidder.


We really want to keep this asset available for the community and support the growth of village life within Stanton St Quintin. To do so, we need volunteers to be part of a proactive and enthusiastic Management Committee,. We also need volunteers who might be able to do some of the practical refurbishment and maintenance work. If you can help in any way, please contact Nick Greene 01666 837850.

Stanton Hall Committee

We all thoroughly enjoyed a talk from Avils Lane resident, Sir Francis Richards KCMG, about how British crossword solvers cracked the Nazi's cryptic clues at Bletchley Park during World War 2.
This took place on Saturday 6th February 7:30pm & was followed by cheese & mulled wine. This was very well attended & made in excess of £500 towards Hall refurbishment.
Parish Hall Fundraiser

Following a very well attended (80+) fundraiser on Saturday evening 31st January 2015 at which Dr Fiona Baskett gave us a fascinating talk about the History of Stanton St Quintin & donated 14 copies of her book "The Chronicles of a Courtier", the Hall Committee are delighted to announce that £750  was raised towards the further refurbishing of our Hall. For more detail on this please see "Village News" & then scroll down & click on "Parish Hall Fundraiser.doc" for more detail.

As mentioned above,this was followed by a fascinating talk about the Secrets of Bletchley Park by our neighbour Sir Francis Richards. on 6th February 2016. Sir Francis was previously Governor of Gibraltar & Head of GCHQ
This was again very well attended & made in excess of £500 towards Hall refurbishment.

A lot of preparatory work has gone into reviving our Hall by the Parish Hall Committee hoping to renovate & update it. Please see "Village News" for more on this. Please also see this link to an article in the Gazette & Herald which reported on appalling acts of vandalism against our Hall, which we must accept,were most likely carried out by people living in our own village:

Nick Greene,
Sep 27, 2016, 9:40 AM