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Welcome to our village website.

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The picture above was taken by our own "David Bailey", Martin Horton, and shows both our new gate into the Cemetery & our beautiful War Memorial (unveiled on the 9th November 2012).
Stuart Jackson, Chairman of our Stanton Village Social Committee has penned the following words:

Some 30 years ago a very generous though anonymous villager donated a gate for the cemetery which lies opposite St Giles Church in Stanton St Quintin. Over the years, however, time and the weather have taken their toll and by early 2013 the gate had become a little rickety, and certainly not in keeping with either the rest of the cemetery or with the new War Memorial which was erected and dedicated in 2012.
The Stanton Village Social Committee decided, therefore, that some of the money raised from the 2013 Village Fete should be used to purchase and install a new cemetery gate. This work was commissioned in early October 2013 and completed in time for the Remembrance Day ceremony on November 11th. The new gate is a solid and impressive structure and its installation has been widely welcomed as a much needed improvement at the heart of the village.
More pictures of the War Memorial, the Church and other Village pictures can be seen on our "Stanton Web Slideshow". If you haven't already seen it, this can be accessed by clicking on "Gallery" on the Sidebar.
We would love to receive pictures from Villagers to publish on this site. Please have a look at your photo collection of Stanton, past & present, and send them via the "Have Your Say" link.
If you click on "Directory",again on ther Sidebar, you will see some contact details for me (Nick) & all members of the village Parish Council + some other useful contact details e.g. School, Church etc.

Stanton Hall Committee

We all thoroughly enjoyed a talk from Avils Lane resident, Sir Francis Richards KCMG, about how British crossword solvers cracked the Nazi's cryptic clues at Bletchley Park during World War 2.
This took place on Saturday 6th February 7:30pm & was followed by cheese & mulled wine. This was very well attended & made in excess of £500 towards Hall refurbishment.

Christian Aid

Christian Aid week was 15th-21 May this year and in Stanton St Quintin we raised £820.74 from door to door collections .  I would like to thank all who donated and all the volunteers who delivered and collected the envelopes.  Without you giving money or time this would not have been possible.  Thank you for your contribution to the continuing work of Christian Aid.

Angela Smith

Notice of Audit 2015-2016

Please see Village News for more on this.

The Stanton St Quintin Parish Council Meeting

This took place on Tuesday 19th July 2016. Please see Parish Council minutes below for 17th May & 7th & 28th June. The next full Council meeting will take place on Tuesday 27th September 2016. There will be  a brief planning meeting on Tuesday 2nd August at 8:00pm.


The enterprising Chippenham Pit Stop team are busy expanding  their truckers' shop into a new convenience store to serve both passing trade and all the surrounding villages from September 14.

The Pit Stop made recent headlines when a new outside gymnasium was installed to give their driver customers an onsite opportunity of keeping fit as part of a campaign to make the facility the best of its kind in the UK.

Now the Silvey family, who own and operate the Pit Stop just off junction 17 of the M4, are completely transforming their existing shop into a full convenience store as part of a £130,000 general improvement programme.

Managing Director David Hatherell said the greatly enhanced shop would offer locally sourced produce and freshly baked breads as well as staples such a milk and a whole range of other convenience items.

"With our extensive parking, excellent restaurant open to all and on site barber's shop we are ideally placed to play a much greater role in serving the local community," he said.

"While our  truck driver customers remain our core business we have ample scope to expand our services to meet the needs of local people," said Mr Hatherell.

Alternative shopping and dining arrangements were now in place while the work was progressing so it was very much business as usual, he said.

Nick Greene as Chairman of SSQ Parish Council cut the ribbon to declare the newly enhanced facility open at 11:30am on Saturday 12th September 2015.

Please click on this link for more on this:



The Chippenham  Pit Stop is to be the venue for a  BBC Radio Wiltshire Breakfast Show Special called ' EU Referendum One Month from the Ballot Box'.

The show at the truckers rest stop and village stores just of junction 17 of the M4 on Thursday May 26th will be on air from 6.30-9am and will explore issues surrounding the local business community and the haulage industry.

It will include pre arranged interviews from those in both sectors as well as representatives from the leave and remain camps.

Pit Stop Managing Director David Hatherell said the facility  was used by lorry drivers from all over the UK as well as an increasing number of locals calling in to its restaurant and well stocked shop so it would be an excellent platform for the show.


Parish Hall Fundraiser

Following a very well attended (80+) fundraiser on Saturday evening 31st January 2015 at which Dr Fiona Baskett gave us a fascinating talk about the History of Stanton St Quintin & donated 14 copies of her book "The Chronicles of a Courtier", the Hall Committee are delighted to announce that £750  was raised towards the further refurbishing of our Hall. For more detail on this please see "Village News" & then scroll down & click on "Parish Hall Fundraiser.doc" for more detail.

This was followed by a fascinating talk about the Secrets of Bletchley Park by our neighbour Sir Francis Richards. on 6th February 2016. Sir Francis was previously Governor of Gibraltar & Head of GCHQ. This was again very well attended & made in excess of £500 towards Hall refurbishment.

Wiltshire County Council Newsletter

Please click on the link below to keep up to date with all that's going on in our County:

Community in action!!,


A lot of preparatory work has gone into reviving our Hall by the Parish Hall Committee hoping to renovate & update it. Please see "Village News" for more on this. Please also see this link to an article in the Gazette & Herald which reported on appalling acts of vandalism against our Hall, which we must accept,were most likely carried out by people living in our own village:

St. Giles Living Churchyard Project

The Lifetime Achievement Award - Ivan Randall

I am very happy to announce that Ivan Randall, one of our coordinators, has won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

Ivan has been a long-time volunteer with the Trust, putting in thousands of hours in practical work as well as providing advice for the launch of other Churchyard Projects.

Ivan can be found in the WWT diary most weekends, leading voluteer walks in some of the well known reserves in Wiltshire, but more importantly Ivan has knowledge of sites that most people have never heard of - but are rich in biodiversity. Ivan was the volunteer warden at the Vicients Wood reserve for many years before he retired from that role. He has been instrumental in the setting up of many Living Churchyard Projects throughout Wiltshire and has been the joint coordinator for the St Giles Living Churchyard Project in Stanton St Quintin for many years.

As well as being quiet and supportive, Ivan is known for his vast knowledge of wildlife and the issues affecting conservation. He is always keen to promote the activity of the trust and can often be found at local shows with a WWT stand.

All in all, this was a well deserved win for Ivan and look forward to working with him - and learning from him - for many more years.

 Breaking News

We've just heard the exciting news that Ivan has received a letter from the Prime Minister, David Cameron, congratulating him on his sterling work for the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.


We've recently received a fascinating & poignant email from Tim Couzens whose great uncle Private Arthur Thomas 6th Bn.The Wiltshire Regiment, was killed on active service during the first days of the Battle of the Somme:

  I am very sorry that I did not see your request for information on the Stanton soldiers killed in WW1, when you inaugurated the new War Memorial in 2012.  My great uncle, Private Arthur Thomas, from Lower Stanton, was one. 
    I attach a photo and the letter of notification of his death.  He is also commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial at the Somme - for those with no known grave.  (I have a photo of that somewhere, together with the date of death etc. from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, if anybody would like a copy).  The Wiltshire Regiment were used as reinforcements and, from memory, I think he was killed about 7 or 10 days into the Somme offensive.
    As the 100th anniversary approaches, I will look out the original letter, which my great grandmother had kept, together with his unopened campaign medal and envelope from the War Office - which I will photograph.  I can give further, brief, biographical details, if that would also be of interest.  Once I have all the information together I will post the photos and text on the various websites, set up for the purpose, this year.
    Some years ago, my cousin was serving in the Royal Marines.  Part of their induction included a visit to the first World War battlefields and Thiepval.  She read the letter and everybody found it very moving, particularly as it refers to going over the top . . . . . . .      
    Best Regards
    Tim Couzens
    8b, Burton Road, Kingston-on-Thames, SURREY, KT2 5TF.  Tel 0208 255 7339.
    or via Mr R W Couzens.  9 Draycot Cerne, Nr Chippenham, WILTS, SN15 5LD.  01249 750 649.   
 PS.Some of the older residents will remember by great uncles and aunts, Frank & Nan Randall and Fred & Millie Couzens.    

Please see Village News for a photograph of Arthur in his uniform (Pte Arthur Thomas.jpg) & a letter from the Regimental Chaplain (TOM3.doc) written to Arthur's father.


The Chatter
The latest edition of the "The Chatter" is now available. Please see "Village News" for more detail.
Flood Risk
Wiltshire Council often approaches landowners to request them to clear overgrown ditches and watercourses where there is risk of flooding. However, with extensive networks of watercourses & ditches in the County, local Parish Councils have been able to provide valuable assistance in identifying & helping to resolve these issues in many cases. Villagers who have concerns or observations to make regarding flooding or potential flooding are asked to contact any member of the Parish Council. All our contact details can be found by clicking on "Directory" on the Sidebar.
Chippenham Our Community Matters
At the beginning of the year the Chippenham Our Community Matters website was launched to provide local people with an interactive notice board everyone can use. 

The website is full of local news, events and discussions and a place to find out local information about our area: http://chippenham.ourcommunitymatters.org.uk

Chippenham Our Community Matters quick and easy to use and your information will appear instantly. A short tutorial has been produced to show you how to register and post news Click here 

I would also recommend that you register to receive the regular e-mail bulletins about our area Register here

.The Latest Parish Newsletter from Wiltshire Council:






For many years parishioners of both Stanton St Quintin and Hullavington have walked on and had access to Hullavington airfield. The vast majority of these walkers have behaved responsibly and have understood that certain military activity takes place on the airfield and acted accordingly. 


Over the past few weeks we have had several incidents regarding walkers and in one case a vehicle accessing areas which are prohibited for safety reasons. This is generally, but not exclusively when glider flying is taking place.


The station wants to maintain the status quo and be as good a neighbour as we can, we appreciate all of the support we receive from our villages and we do understand that we can be noisy at times (night flying helicopters for example). But we must ensure the safety of our personnel and the safety of the general public.


The following must be applied by all walkers on the airfield, you must not enter the inner area of the airfield, the safe boundary is the perimeter track and all areas outside of that. The perimeter track is a road and normal rules of the road apply.


Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


Results of Parish Council Election

Stanton St. Quintin

Number of seats: 7


Results finalised at 16:26 on Fri 3 May 2013 - Candidates for Stanton St. Quintin
Conway, Brett Robert
Cowan, Marina (Elected)Housewife. Company Director114(11.74%)
Druce, Anita Jeanne (Elected)
Druce, Liza Georgina (Elected)
Greene, Nick (Elected)
Murton, Pete (Elected)
Plummer, Ian Michael (Elected)
Voelcker, Cara Ripley
Whiting, Ros (Elected)

 Turnout 44.81%


Following the recent questionnaire which was delivered to every household, the results of the survey are as follows:


83 individual responses received representing 46 households from a total of 213 consulted


71 were in favour of retaining the hall and 7 against (mainly based on the issue of car parking)


10 would be interested in joining a Committee, 39 would not and the remainder did not answer this question


21.6% of the households being in favour of refurbishing the hall is seen as a positive result and the Parish Council considers that this is a mandate from the village to proceed with the project.  This reinforces a previous mandate to include putting money in the precept to carry out this work.


More News on the Church/Village Hall.


For the past few years, your Parish Council and representatives of St Giles church have been working together to find a solution for the Church Hall.


As you may know, your Parish Council obtained a report on the condition of the Stanton St Quintin Church Hall written for them by Ian Rea of A1 Planning Services, Hullavington.  The report concluded, that with some refurbishment we could turn this back into a viable village hall which is part of our history – having been built by the villagers in 1938 on land given to the Church by farmer Worthy Tanner.   Whilst at one moment, the Parish Council (PC) were considering buying land and building a new hall, this quickly became impossible due to the recession and we felt it to be wrong to encumber future generations with repaying the loans, even if they could be obtained.  The Precept was put up to raise money for a village hall and there is £40,000 in the bank for this purpose.


The Parochial Church Council (PCC), who is the legal owners of the Hall, consulted the Diocese of Bristol and the Charity Commissioners. This was quite a drawn out process, but they have at last been given permission to consult their own Estate Agent to suggest a viable rent, given the state of the building and the refurbishment costs.  The Parish Council set up a small subcommittee, joined by our vicar, Rev. Christopher Bryan, who have been instrumental in gathering all the information to put to you.  This committee considered that the negotiated rental per annum, £500 was a fair rent for both parties, and this is likely to be approved both by the Diocese and the Charity Commissioners.


We have already received names from some villagers willing to sit on a Hall Management committee and, should the consensus be to go ahead with the project, we hope that there will be many more willing to join them.  The Stanton Hall (this would be the trading name) would be run quite separately from the PC and the PCC with the Management Committee being responsible for the lease.  The lease would run for at least 35 years with the church having a small number of set times for its own use, free of charge.  The Parish Council would donate suitable amounts of money from the ring fenced £40,000 for the refurbishment.  We hope that there will be volunteers from the village community willing to get together to do some of the work.


The PCC and PC have considered all the different possible ways of providing a future for the Hall. Charity Law constrains us in terms of what can be done, and this proposed solution is the only viable way of keeping the hall open. If this agreement does not proceed, or a Management Committee is not formed, then the PCC will be forced, under Charity Law, to sell the Hall to the highest bidder.


We really want to keep this asset available for the community and support the growth of village life within Stanton St Quintin. To do so, we need volunteers to be part of a proactive and enthusiastic Management Committee,. We also need volunteers who might be able to do some of the practical refurbishment and maintenance work. If you can help in any way, please contact Nick Greene 01666 837850.

Mobile Library
Please see Village News for the latest mobile library timetable which is a pdf file giving details of the times the mobile library will be visiting Stanton St Quintin, Lower Stanton & Buckley Barracks. This will be updated every 6 months.
Parish Council Meeting
The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Tuesday 27th September 2016 in the School at 7:30pm.
Pre-school with strong links to Stanton in Seagry.  
Please see Village News for more on this + a list of local playgrounds in our area.
Expansion Proposals for Malmesbury.

Parishioners please can we all re-double our efforts on the recycling of our domestic rubbish and encourage others to do the same. Last financial year the Land Fill tax levied against our local council and paid for by each and everyone's council tax from this parish was as much as £50 per tonne. This led to a total cost in excess of £4.9 million of our money being sent straight to central government at Westminster. Next year the Land Fill tax will be raised to £80 per tonne and with the increasing amounts of domestic rubbish being generated it is very possible that £8+ million of local money will be wasted in going straight to central government. The council has issued wheelie Bins for 1) general rubbish 2) Cardboard and Plastic Bottles 3) Garden rubbish bins will be issued in Feb/march 2012 4) The small Black box for collection of paper, cans and glass. If we all think about re-cycling then we can make a significant contribution to saving some of the millions we may pay in central government tax

Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team
The following has just been received outlining the details of our new Police Officers:
Just an email to inform you all of the new Rural Neighbourhood Policing
Team details now that Heather has retired and Val has moved to
Chippenham Town.

Beat Manager:
PC Les Fletcher Leslie.Fletcher@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

Police Community Support Officer's:
PCSO Claire Hannam  Claire.Hannam@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk
PCSO Elizabeth Duncan elizabeth.duncan@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

Any issues please do not hesitate to contact us on the above email
addresses or on 101 to report a crime.

A Message from our Stanton St Quintin Parish Council


Our next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 27th September 2016 and you are welcome to attend. These meetings follow the procedures written in the Standing Orders.

There is Public Forum for 15 minutes at the start, where members of the public can

make a 2 minute statement – there is no discussion about this. The meeting then

continues with its advertised Agenda.  If there is anything you would like to have

discussed, please contact one of your Parish Councillors or the Parish Clerk – agenda

items have to be received no later than three days before a meeting. 

To quote from “10 Key points for Effective Parish Council Meetings (Wiltshire

Association of Local Councils, Sept 2008): Parish Council Meetings are not

“talking shops”, they are there for councillors as chosen representatives of a parish

or town to make decisions for the benefit of the town or parish”. 

Interesting Village Records
The following has just been received via stantonstquintin@gmail.com

Hi there. My name is Colin Batten the son of Violet Batten(nee Tanner). My Grandfather Worthy Tanner and later his two sons Eric and Henry (my mothers brothers) farmed at Manor Farm and lived at 68 Greenhill, Stanton St Quintin for many years. I have come across many details regarding various sales of the farm and accounts,wages sheets etc from approx 1910-1979. Whilst they are of great interest to me I wondered if anyone in Stanton or indeed the current owners of the farm would be interested in seeing them.

Colin can be contacted by email at colinbatten@btinternet.com

Interestingly, it was Worthy Tanner who both gave the village the land & helped pay for the erection of our Church Hall.

A Senior Moment

A host of topics especially suited for our older villagers. Please see Village News for the poster..

Wiltshire Police New Non-Emergency Number
This now 101.
The Emergency number continues to be 999.
New Singing Group in Sutton Benger.
Please see Village News for more information.
SSQ Baby & Toddles Group
Please see Village News for their poster.
Crime & Community Briefing Paper
The latest edition can be found in Village News.
 MyView from the Woodland Trust
The Woodland Trust recently launched an initiative to double native woodland cover under the banner of More Trees, More Good. Part of this initiative includes mass public consultation about where more trees should be planted through a campaign called MyView.

MyView is a web-enabled system that allows people to take a photo of their local view that would benefit from more trees and load it onto the Woodland Trust website. People can then use our interactive, click and drag design programme to plant virtual trees and create a new 'treed' view for their community. It will enable people to visually demonstrate where they would like to see more trees and then allows them to create a written statement about why more trees in this space are important.Please have a look at:


Next Parish Council Meeting
As well as the countdown on the Sidebar, it has been suggested that we make this date more prominent, so here it is:
                          Tuesday  27th September 2016 at The Village School @ 7:30pm.

Parish Council Meeting Minutes.

If you would like to view the Minutes of our previous Parish Council Meetings just click on the box below & then click on "Download" & finally"Open" to see these.They should then open in your "Word" programme. As always, if you experience any problems with this or any other aspects of this website please let us know at:
Recent Changes
Have a look also at the "Useful Links" on the Sidebar which will take you straight to The School, The Church, Wiltshire County Council, The Police etc.
Please also have a look at the "Have Your Say" link on the Sidebar. If you click on this it should open your email programme with stantonstquintin@gmail.com in the To: Address Bar. Please let us know what you think of our village site & any thoughts, issues, problems you have concerning our village. I will check for new email daily & either answer myself or direct your email to the more relevant person on the Parish Council. We'd love to hear from you!
The above advice works fine if you're using an email programme like Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail. However, if you use web based email like Hotmail or Yahoo you may need to actually type the address into the To: box. Please let us know if you experience any problems.
Village News
Please have a look at this link (on the Sidebar) to learn more.
Any other items of Village News you'd like to see here? Please let us know at stantonstquintin@gmail.com
Try This!
Do you see the map at the bottom of the page? If you click firstly on "SAT" & then on the "+" sign, you can keep zooming in until you can see your own house. Great Fun!
Our War Memorial?
On a bright Friday morning on the 9th November 2012 our beautiful new War Memorial was unveiled by our MP, James Gray & Derek Tilney of the Royal British Legion. This was followed by  a Remembrance Service where the children of Stanton St Quintin Primary School placed poppy mounted crosses at the foot of each of our RAF war graves. James then placed a wreath for "Parliament & the Nation" at the base of the Memorial whilst Derek added one for the Wiltshire County Executive of the RBL. Major Parkes of 9 Theatre Logistics Regiment, Royal Logistics Corps added the final wreath on behalf of the Officers, Soldiers & Families of Buckley Barracks. The end result is  a beautiful triangle of wreaths. You can see this & many other Village pictures by clicking on "Gallery" on the Sidebar.
There is also a nice article from The Gazette & Herald about the unveiling. Please see Village News.
We've had a very moving ceremony at 11 o'clock on the 11th November for the last 5 years when the children & teachers of the school have met, along with 20 or more villagers & our Vicar, Rev. Christopher Bryan & more recently our Curate, Rev Phil Daniels, or our now retired but still very busy Rev. John Morgan, in front of our RAF graves in the cemetery adjacent to the school. The children placed wooden crosses in front of each of the 12 graves.
Prior to the erection of our War Memorial, another 5 crosses were placed in a patch of grass to commerate our 5  war dead from The Great War.
We knew of this after "Googling" Stanton St Quintin war dead & finding this quote from the Wiltshire Community History:
"During the First World War out of 43 Stanton men who served their country, five were killed and twelve wounded".
We also know that during World War 2 both the sons of Basil & Maude Alers Hankey of Stanton Manor lost their lives. Who knows, had one or both survived we might not have The Stanton Manor Hotel today.
If any of you in the Village have any personal memories, or maybe stories from your Grandparents, that could help in this research we would love to hear from you either via the "Have Your Say" link or even by telephone if email is not your thing!!
Phone details are available by clicking on the "Directory" link.
Even though the Memorial is now in place we would still be very interested in more details about the 7 men who made the Supreme sacrifice.

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

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  • Minutes of Parish Council Meetings
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